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Classes and Workshops

At Miami Holistic Birth Center, we recognize that every birthing journey is as unique as the mother embarking on it. Our commitment to personalized and holistic maternity care is reflected in the diverse birthing options we offer, creating an environment where expectant mothers can choose the approach that resonates with them.
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Holistic Birth Prep

Our exclusive Labor Prep Class, curated specifically for Miami Holistic Birth Center patients, is a unique and empowering experience led by our seasoned labor nurse and doula, Lily. Tailored to the distinctive needs of our birthing community, this class is a vital component of our commitment to holistic maternity care.

Hospital Birth Prep

Join our exclusive Labor Prep Class, thoughtfully crafted for expectant parents planning to deliver in a hospital setting, led by our seasoned labor nurse and doula, Lily. This unique class is designed to seamlessly integrate the best of both worlds - the expertise of medical care and the nurturing support of holistic practices.
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Miami Holistic Birth Center Women's Circle

Postpartum Women’s Circle

Join our nurturing Postpartum Women's Circle at Miami Holistic Birth Center, an intimate space created by a fellow mom who experienced the transformative care of our birth center firsthand. Led by a compassionate host, who delivered her own baby within our supportive environment, this circle is a sanctuary for new mothers to connect, share, and navigate the beautiful complexities of the postpartum journey.
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